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NWTF RFP Response

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Organization and History

For 20 years, Clarke & Company has been helping clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of South Carolina employee benefits. Our constant focus is trying to solve human problems while streamlining processes most efficiently.

Client Services

As a local brokerage firm, we believe in hands on support, education and communication. Our account managers have a combined 28 years of experience in the insurance industry. We believe in communication when working on tasks.


Clarke & Company utilizes communication between the client and our team to craft an integrated benefits strategy. We need to understand your fiscal and employee needs to develop this strategic plan.

C&C Resources

Clarke & Company Benefits has access to several software-based tools that help keep us abreast of the ever changing environment within the benefits industry. These tools provide insight into the latest national and industry trends and changing regulations.

Benefits Strategy

We have one of the largest benefit only staffs located in South Carolina, servicing the employee benefits of over 250 companies. Our company has 13 full time employees and 7 part-time employees.

Human Resources

On a day to day basis, Clarke & Company Benefits is supported by ThinkHR. ThinkHR’s Q&A team is 28 certified HR professionals who are supported by a legal compliance team.

Data Analysis

Clarke & Company has a fully integrated data analytics tool, Decision Master Warehouse, that allows us to produce a health plan and pharmacy management report package to our clients.

Wellness Programs

Clarke & Company Benefits has invested a significant amount of resources in wellness initiatives over many years. We believe the only way to control health care costs on a long term basis is through well directed wellness initiatives.

Other Information

We would conduct our normal onboarding process with the NWTF. This would include on-site meetings to learn processes and current systems. Our consultant, Earl Cobb, already has experience with the NWTF giving us a head start on successful implementation.

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