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RT First Quarter Benefit Earning Options

1. Participate in the Activity Challenge

2. Earn 3 Reasonable Alternative Points

RT 2015-2016 Q1-Competition Rules

*Online Weekly Competition Point Submittal Form

*If you are participating on a team, only one member of your team needs to submit the team’s points each week.


Sign Up for the Challenge

Click the link below to sign up for the challenge.

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Q1-July, August, September

Q2-October, November, December

Q3-January, February, March

Q4-April, May, June


Final Results

Top 5 Teams

1. Hungry Hippos

2. FLAB-u-LESS Treble Tones

3. Titaniumen

4. Slim Gyms

5. Excuse Me-I Just Burpeed


Top 5 Individuals

1. Miles Individual Team

2. Team Zach

3. Vigil Individual Team


5. Bennett Individual Team


Reasonable Alternatives

If not participating in the quarterly activity, employees of Rogers Townsend can earn up to 3 points during the specific quarter by doing any of the below activities to add up to 3 points to qualify for the higher benefit earnings for the following quarter.  To get credit for these alternatives, logs and documentation must be sent to wellness@clarkebenefits.com in order for it to be counted.

  1. Keep a nutrition log (1 point)
  2. Keep a blood pressure log (1 point)
  3. Enroll in a BlueChoice  Great Expectations for Health Diabetes Program, High Blood Pressure program, High Cholesterol, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Weight Management, or Back Program (3 points) New enrollees only
  4. Have an annual physical/OB exam (1 point)
  5. Receive  a Mammogram (1 point)
  6. Get a Colonoscopy (1 point)
  7. Get a dental check-up (1 point)
  8. Keep an exercise log (1 point)
  9. Blood Pressure screening at RT blood pressure day in the Fall (1 point)
  10. Shopping at any local market such as the farmer’s market for fresh produce (1 point)
  11. Gardening or yard work log (1 point)

**Listen to your body. If you feel weak, dizzy, short of breath, or have chest pain, stop activity immediately. You should seek medical attention.

**Reasonable alternative points for each quarter must be turned in by the last day of that specific quarter.

*Reasonable Alternative Point Submittal Form


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Fitness Tracking

You can use the following websites to track and manage your health and earn your points by completing the logs.

RT Nutiriton Log

My Fitness Pal (Apps, Sync with Fitbit, Health Information)

Start-American Heart Association (Distance Walking & Dietary)

Super Tracker (Activity, Nutrition, Weight, & Goals)

Fit Day (Activity, Nutrition, & Weight)






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