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17-18 Experience Columbia Wellness Points


*Online Competition Point Submittal Form




**In order to qualify for a free day off, you must  obtain 40 total points before 7/1/2017.

**Each quarter, the individual with the highest point total as of the last day of the quarter will receive a prize.

Q1-July, August, September

Q2-October, November, December

Q3-January, February, March

Q4-April, May, June



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Quarter 1 Results….TBA

Top 5 Individual Point Result

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

4th place:

5th place:



Q1 Points-

Q2 Points-

Q3 Points-

Q4 Points-


**Listen to your body. If you feel weak, dizzy, short of breath, or have chest pain, stop activity immediately. You should seek medical attention.


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Fitness Tracking

You can use the following websites to track and manage your health and earn your points by completing the logs.

Super Tracker (Activity, Nutrition, Weight, & Goals)

Blood Pressure Log







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