Nexsen Pruet Employee Information

Open enrollment doesn't have to be stressful! Nexsen Pruet has provided this site to guide you through your 2022 Open Enrollment process. Below you will find:

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View your 2022 Nexsen Pruet Benefit Guide
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Nexsen Pruet
Nexsen Pruet Open Enrollment Video
Watch our video highlighting the Nexsen Pruet benefits for 2022 and any changes that may apply to you.
Benefits 101
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Benefits 101
Learn more about benefit information that will help you to understand your personal benefits better!
Benefit Vocab
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Common Insurance Terms
Learn more about common benefit vocabulary here.
Benefit First
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How to Enroll
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We have you covered!

Nexsen Pruet has a website available to you that has even more information on your benefit plans. Click on the button below and you will be taken to our benefit website.

Our website has tools to help you make decisions.

If you are unsure about benefit and insurance terms, we have provided a cheat sheet for you also. Everything at your fingertips! Click below to go to our benefits website and to view our insurance terms cheat sheet.

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