Avoid Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Avoid Weekend Warrior Syndrome

by Posted on: May 31, 2013Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

For some people, the weekend is the only time they have to (or want to) exercise and, once warm weather hits, spending all day at an amusement park, hiking up mountains or going on long bike rides can cause unexpected overload injuries. Sprained ankles, shin splints, tennis elbow and foot pain are just a few injuries that can happen when you go from the couch to the golf course or mountain without any preparation.

To avoid weekend warrior injuries:

  • Start Slowly: Instead of going straight for that 14,000 foot mountain or 18-hole golf course, start with short, easy hikes or a few days at the driving range to get a sense of where you are and what your body can handle.
  • Prepare Ahead of Time: A little light training and preparation can give your body a strong foundation and help you avoid hurting yourself:
    • Golf Strength Training Workout
    • Strength and Stretch Your Core for Gardening
    • Exercise for Skiing
    • Basic Strength for Your Whole Body
  • Add Intensity Gradually: If you’re not much of an exerciser but want to work towards a coming event, say hiking up a mountain or a 5K race, start with what you can handle and only increase the intensity (whether it’s mileage or time) by about 10% each week to avoid injury.
  • Take Lots of Breaks: If you do decide to head out for that 3-hour tennis match, take plenty of breaks to recover and stay hydrated. Fatigue and dehydration can sneak up on you, putting you at risk for hurting yourself.


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