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Benefit Communication


Came to C&C to help overhaul annual enrollment communication package for employees

...built proposal for employee strategy with a 12 month communication plan
Contract signed 10/10 open enrollment starts on 11/9
Delivered and then some!

Annual enrollment iphone

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Benefit guide iphone


Overhauled Benefit Guide

Built from ground up new benefit website

Delivered 3 custom videos for project

Online video guides and podcast with voice

We had a GREAT Annual Enrollment campaign b/c of ya'll! -client email

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Met with HR and Management on materials and issues during open enrollment. Collected existing materials and listened to prospects thoughts on existing enrollment process.


Looked over materials. Prepared a proposal with a 12 month communication plan covering several information platforms. 


Was hired and started work on 10/10. Delivered finish project of open materials that covered print guide, new employee benefits website, video online guides, podcasts, and 3 videos on 11/8. 

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