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Want to simplify
your health plan?

United Healthcare introduces Bind , a simple and affordable health plan.

Cost Transparency

Easy Technology



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Technology in your hands to promote consumerism.

Need a hip replacement. Look it up! At Midlands the member is all in at $250. Want to go Lexington, the same service will cost you $750. No deductibles, no coinsurance, just the copay. How easy is that.

Hip Replacement Starting at $250


Determine where you get services based on price and quality. The choice is yours.

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Cost Transparency
Use the app for office visits, surgeries, MRI's, and prescription drugs.

The app allows your employees to see their cost of each service at different providers. Need a certain drug, put your zip in and the drug and see your cost. At Walgreens the drug maybe $20, at Publix it maybe $10, you decide where you purchase your service.

Cost Savings

Transparent Pricing

With transparent pricing, Bind groups see a 14% claims decrease over traditional plans. On top of that, members save $ alos.

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Market Research
Market research is any organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers.

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Starting at $800

Market Research

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Employees still have choices on where to consume services. The full United Choice Plus network.

Employees are not forced to use any provider. That being said, the technology lists providers based on employee cost using cost metrics and quality metrics. The employee can take the information and decide where they want to purchase that service.


Provider Choice

Different providers have different costs for the same service. Members have the ability to see what they pay for the same service at different providers. The choice is up to them what their cost is based on provider.

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