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BlueChoice Health Insurance Information

Here we have more information from Bluechoice to help you understand your plan. Important information on prescription drugs, Blue Care on Demand, the treatment cost estimator, added value discounts, and instructional videos.

BlueChoice Information

Blue 365 added value discounts for a variety of products and services that can enhance the quality of your life, simply by being enrolled in a Bluechoice  plan.

Learn about how to determine the cost of care you may receive, including how much of the cost of a procedure goes towards your deductible.

Learn more about how a virtual office visit works with Blue CareOnDemand. With this, you have the ability to consult with a doctor at any time, 365 days a year.

Watch videos explaining both Blue Cross information and plan-specific information for your health insurance plans.

Prescription Drug Information

Search the list of FDA-approved drugs and coverage for each by entering a drug name. Filter by drug name, therapeutic class, or status tier.

Our pharmacy committee decides exclude some drugs because other safe, effective, less costly alternatives are available. The list is current as of April 2020.

These prescription drugs, normally tier 4, are usually used to treat complex or chronic medical conditions. This list is current as of January 2021.

Only certain members are identified for this program based on where they are currently receiving their specialty drug. This list is current as of January 2020.

These prescription drugs require your doctor to get approval before the plan will cover the cost of the medication. This list is current as of April 2020.

Prior authorization may be required through our Specialty Medical Benefit Management program. This list is current as of January 2020.

The drugs on this list must be filled under the pharmacy benefit and are not covered under the medical benefit. This list is current as of January 2020.

This program limits the amount of medication prescribed at one time for certain covered prescriptions. The list is current as of April 2020.

Under the health reform law (Affordable Care Act), benefit plans must cover certain Preventive Care Medications at 100% - without charging a copay, coinsurance or deductible.

Step therapy has you try cost-effective "first-choice" medications before trying more expensive "second-choice" drugs. This list is current as of April 2020.

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