Century Plastics Employee Benefit Information

Century Plastics Model Notices and Employee Documents

This webpage houses all of the Century Plastics model notices along with your Employee Benefits Summary Plan Description for the 2013 benefit year that starts on January 1, 2013. Also, on this page are each carriers certificate of coverage for your benefit. We have also included summaries of these documents for your review along with some carrier forms below. If you need any more information please contact your Clarke & Company Benefits representative below. If you would like more information on High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts click here.

  • Summary Plan Description & Certificates of Coverage*

Below is the Century Plastics Summary Plan Description that govern all of our benefit plans and each carriers certificate of coverage for that plan. Please consult the certificate of coverage for the benefits offered by each carrier.

Summary Plan Description

Traditional Plan Blue Cross Certificate of Coverage

HDHP Plan Blue Cross Certificate of Coverage

Metlife Group Dental Certificate of Coverage

Metlife Long Term Disability Certificate

Metlife Voluntary Term Life Certificate



  • Important Employee Benefits Notifications

Below you will find all of your required notifications for the Century Plastics employee benefit plans. If you have any questions regarding these notices please contact Century Plastics Human Resources or your Clarke & Company Benefits representative regarding any notice. Click here to link to the Blue Cross website.

Chipra Notice

WHCRA Notice

Health Care Reform Model Notices

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice Traditional Plan

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice HDHP Plan

Blue Cross HDHP Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)

Blue Cross Traditional Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)



  • Employee Benefit Summaries

Below you will find concise summaries of your employee benefit plans. These will give you a brief overview of each plans highlights and benefits. For full benefits, consult each plans certificate of coverage above.

Benefit Menu

Traditional Plan Benefit Summary

HDHP Plan Benefit Summary

Dental Plan Benefit Summary

Metlife Disability Benefit Summary

Clarke & Company High Deductible Health Plan & HSA Information



  • Blue Cross HealthPlan Prescription Drug List

We have provided for you the 2012 Member Prescription Drug List (this is not the full drug list) and a like to the full prescription drug list by tier. If you have any questions on this contact your Clarke & Company Benefit representative.

2012 Preferred Drug List

2012 Prior Authorization Drug List

2012 Quantity Management Drug List

2012 Step Therapy Drug List

2012 Dose Management List

2012 Specialty Drug List



  • Forms & Provider Search

We have provided forms for your convenience if you would like to make any changes or update your beneficiary information. Please click on the form and print and fill out and give to HR.

Blue Cross Health Application

Metlife Dental Application

Probenefits Flex and Dependent Care Form

Blue Cross Beneficiary Change Form

Metlife Beneficiary Change Form

Metlife Life/Disability Application & Evidence of Insurability Form

Blue Cross Find a Health Care Provider

Metlife Find a Dental Provider



  • Web Tools For Managing Your Health

C&C University

C & C University is the password protected area of our website that is a virtual library of health & wellness materials. Your password is Century01 (case sensitive). Our LiveWell 24/7 Informed@home series of disease management seminars are hosted here with information on common health conditions, questions to ask the physician during your visit, plus recommendations for lower cost drug therapies including generics used to treat these conditions. Topics that are addressed in our Informed@home series include high cholesterol, diabetes management, heart disease, stress management, children’s health and nutrition, weight management, heart disease, and many more. Our Informed@home series was developed in house by our wellness staff and will continue to be updated.

The C&C University site also offers podcasts on various health and wellness topics, videos of health presentations, and print materials that can be downloaded. Each podcast was designed to help your employees become better health care consumers by including money-saving tips for prescriptions and supplies.site also offers podcasts on various health and wellness topics, videos of health presentations, and print materials that can be downloaded. Each podcast was designed to help your employees become better health care consumers by including money-saving tips for prescriptions and supplies.

Click to log into C&C University


Blue Cross My Health Toolkit

As an employee of the Columbia Museum of Art, take charge of your health and start using the My Health Toolkit from Blue Cross. Watch a short video on how you can check your Explanation of Benefits, take a Personal Health Assessment, check claim status, find a doctor, see what has been applied to your deductible and much more. In the video, you will learn everything in the new toolkit and how you access it.

To view a video on the My Health Toolkit web tool click below.

My Health Toolkit Video




  • Questions About Your Century Plastics Benefits

If you have any questions concerning your current benefit package, any future benefits, or any other benefit information that you may need, please contact our benefit team at Clarke & Company Benefits. Our contact information is below.

Edwin Croft

Laura Howell-Account Manager

Toll Free-888-540-9403

Columbia: 803-253-6997

To email click on name above.

*New certificates and documents will be updated after 1/1/2013 with changes.

The information on this webpage is presented for illustrative purposes and is based on information provided by the employer. The text contained on this website was taken from various summary plan descriptions and benefit information. While every effort was taken to accurately report your benefits, discrepancies, or errors are always possible. In case of discrepancy between this page and the actual plan documents, the actual plan documents will prevail. The plan documents will govern all plans covered on this page. This page is not a contract or a guarantee of your eligibility or benefit. All information is confidential, pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. If you have any questions about this page, contact Human Resources. If you sign up for coverage that requires evidence of insurability, even though deductions may start, you are not considered enrolled in the plans until confirmed by the carrier. If declined, you will be reimbursed.

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