Cigna Plan Information

Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna Health Insurance Information

Here we have more information from Cigna to help you understand your plan. Important information on services, telehealth, using your ID card, convenience care clinics, rewards, lifestyle management programs, prescription drugs, and more.

Health Insurance Information

Information on myCigna, Coach by Cigna, customer service, in-network care, 24/7 Health Information Line, preventive care, care management programs, telehealth, and specialty medications.

Information on the time, cost, and conditions treated through Cigna Telehealth Connection, as well as when to use convenience care clinics, doctor's offices, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms.

Information on where to find your plan name, claims information for your pharmacist, claims address, customer service phone number, and Rx claims address on your ID card.

When you need treatment for a common ailment or injury, these clinics can provide faster high-quality care at a more convenient location. Clinics include MinuteClinic, Target Clinic, and more.

Get discounts on health products and programs for weight management, nutrition, fitness, mind and body, vision and hearing care, alternative medicine, and healthy lifestyle using your Cigna ID card.

Cigna has programs to help you with weight management, tobacco cessation, and stress management at no additional cost to you. Each program is easy to use and available when and where you need it, online and over the phone.

The Open Access Plus plan allows you to choose the doctor or facility that works best for you. This includes primary care physicians, in-network providers, no-referral specialist care, out-of-network, emergency care, and urgent care.

Prescription Drug Information

Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy makes it easy to fill your ongoing medications at no additional cost. You can even receive specialty medications that require refrigeration or overnight delivery.

Cigna 90 Now allows you to refill your maintenance medications with a 90-day supply, meaning fewer missed doses and trips to the pharmacy.

It is important to know which medications are covered under your plan. Cigna makes it easy by providing up-to-date lists online.

This document breaks down the most commonly prescribed medications on the Advantage Prescription Drug List into three tiers: (1) typically generics, (2) typically preferred brands, and (3) typically non-preferred brands.


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