Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day Everyday

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About 200 countries are celebrating Earth Day today, but most people would be surprised to find out the relation between keeping the environment healthy and maintaining our personal health. The World Health Organization estimated out of 102 major diseases, 85 are spread through environmental risk factors. Experts agree environmental health is essential in improving health of the public. Earth Day places particular emphasis on environmental consciousness, however we should strive everyday to improve environmental conditions. Lessening our negative impact will improve environmental conditions leading to a better quality of life.

To contribute to sustainable practices, remember to follow the three “R’s” of waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce your impact on the environment by doing things like turning off lights to save energy and reducing water usage. Reuse things such as shopping bags, use a water bottle instead of buying plastic bottled water, and donate your old clothes to be reused. Lastly, recycle plastic, glass, plastic and cans. You can also purchase products made from recycled materials and properly dispose of batteries and electronics.

If we treat everyday like Earth Day, not only will we increase environmental health, but our personal health and overall quality of life will increase too.

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