Energized Eats

Energized Eats

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We’ve all experienced the afternoon slump. That sluggish feeling when you’re in need of some sort of pick me up to make it through the rest of your work day. A workout is usually a key ingredient to energizing your body, however, when sitting in a cubicle its difficult to stay active. This feeling of lethargy may be due to what you ate for breakfast or lunch. Having certain food groups accessible at the office is crucial for beating this. Listed below are foods that we recommend for receiving max energy on the job!

Brown Rice: Rich in manganese. Provides proteins and carbs for lasting energy.

Sweet Potato: High in carbs and vitamins.

Honey: One spoonful of honey is equivalent to one energy drink!

Banana: Full of natural sugars, potassium, and fiber. Pair with a protein, such as peanut or almond butter, for maximum health benefits and energy.

Apples: High in fiber and slow to digest, providing long lasting energy and health benefits.

Oranges: High in potassium, vitamin C, and folate. Oranges slowly release energy, instead of giving you that sugar rush.

Spinach: Great source of iron. Having spinach for lunch is key to having energy for the rest of the day.

Beans: Protein and complex carb, making for a slow and steady energy release.

Almonds: Protein, manganese, copper, and riboflavin make up almonds. These will keep you fuller longer and will provide substantial energy to get you through your day!

Salmon: Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which not only lowers your risk for heart disease and high cholesterol, but also provides long lasting energy! Salmon also contains vitamin B6, niacin, and riboflavin.

Yogurt: Rich in magnesium. Magnesium is crucial for energy release in the body.

Eggs: Make up 30% of your daily value of protein. Hard boiled eggs are great to bring to the office!

Dark Chocolate: Eat a square of dark chocolate post lunch. Dark chocolate contains a natural stimulant called theobromine!

Water: Stay hydrated! Be sure to have a refillable water bottle at your desk at all times. Also, try infusing your water with cucumber and lemon!

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