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Your eyes can speak pretty clearly. Just listen. Pay attention and they’ll tell you about health problems you may not even know about.

Our member app was the first of its kind. But innovation – like your life – never stops. The EyeMed Members App is packed with ahead-of-the-game resources wherever you are. Before, during and after your eye appointment.

Everyone should get an eye exam every year. But if you have diabetes, you may need more eye care attention. You got it.

Your vision plan is like a friendly smile – it doesn’t do any good if it’s hidden away. Member Web at eyemed.com is here, there and everywhere. It’s your vision plan control center.

If getting an annual eye exam isn’t a part of your routine, remember: Your heart is too important to overlook your eyes.

Blue light is everywhere. It radiates from your TV, computer, tablet and phone–even the sun. Too much blue light may cause eye strain and headaches today, retinal damage (or worse) down the road.

Your eyes weigh about one ounce each. They have 2 million working parts. They determine 80% of your memories.

A retinal image is a hi-res map of your eye—in full color and uniquely yours. It takes an ultra-wide look and sees 5 times more of your eye than traditional eye exams

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