First Community Wellness Steps Challenge


First Community Summer Steps Challenge

Our Summer Steps Challenge will begin on Monday July 7th, 2014.  With nice weather finally here, what better way to step into Summer than increasing our activity levels by walking or running to improve our overall health and well-being.  By walking and running, we decrease our risk of heart attacks, decrease the risk of developing diabetes, and promote our overall sense of wellness.  This is a team steps challenge.  Once sign up is complete, a representative at Clarke and Company will randomly assign teams of three employees each.  Below you will find the steps log to track your team’s daily number of steps. We will update the website each week with the top teams so check this site weekly to see how your team is progressing. You must participate every week to earn your points.  Each participant will be given a pedometer to measure your steps.  Enjoy the challenge!!

Click here to download Step Into Summer (Steps Challenge) Brochure!




1. Red Hot Silly Steppers

2. The Walkaholics

3. Suspicious Activity

4. Stepmasters

5. Holy Walkamolies (Amber)

6. Happy Feet

7. The Three Step Busters

8. Witness to Fitness

9. Kicking Asphalt

10. Thankful Steppers



Holey Walkamolies: Amber Bobo, Megan White, Denise Cates

Suspicious Activity: Gail Carter, Suzanne Flowers, Susan Bouknight

Soleful Strutters: Karen Bostelaar, David Proctor, Samantha McNatt

REJ-3 2014: ElizabethCrim, Robin Brown, Wilma Moody Jordan

Red Hot SillySteppers: Sarah Donley, Amee Davis, Connie Teal

Stepmasters: Shelley Paquette, Christie Baker, Ted Nissen

Step Warriors: Lisa Dooley, Samantha Straws, Kaye Sigafoos

The Walking Dead Trip: Lane Kennedy, Amy Griffin, Charlene Richards

Chicks With Kicks: DoloresAnn Roberts, Jena Brazell, KimberlyWelp

Team HI Stepper: JimKinard, DebbieRhodes, AndreaMcCray

The Three Step Buster’s: VonWessinger, Michael Cromer, Bob Burch

Step Up: Rosa Mills, Denise Jackson-Wasswa, Pat Crapps

Kicking Asphalt: KelleyMorris, AudreyNelson, DanielleMills

Happy Feet: DonnaRankin, Jan Hadder-Joes, RitaGams

The Walkaholics: Melanie Jackson,  D Smith, J Sawyer

Witness To Fitness: Joanna Hooker, Will Cheatham, Patricia Junqueria

Co-Walkers: AshleyBranham, Jane Wilks Teresa Cassiday

Thankful Steppers: Vaughn Dozier, Carolyn Bonner, Debbie Estes

Holey Walkamolies: RachelGlover, SusanBoatwright, PamBush

Chicks With Kicks: LynnLivingston, GloriaBell, PattyBrownlee

Walking on Sunshine: Rianne Thomas,Pat Garvin, Leigh Hoover

Trabajo Chicas: Heather Barfield, Lori Branham, Angel Triano

Scooby Doo: Liz Bouldin, Drew Painter, Patty Clark



Summer Steps Challenge Competition Rules

  1. This is a 6 week physical activity challenge starting on Monday, July 7th, 2014 and ending Monday, August 18th, 2014.
  2. Registration will begin Monday, June 16th, 2014.  Registration will end on Friday June 27th.
  3. You must participate in every week of activity to qualify for the final prizes.
  4. All participants are required to track activity in an honest manner using the standard step log given.
  5. Each team must select a team captain who is responsible for submitting step activity logs.
  6. You must submit your team step logs by 5PM on Tuesday to get credit for the previous week. You will submit your logs to No late logs will be accepted.
  7. To receive credit your team name should be written on activity logs each week.
  8. Teams are limited to 3 participant’s maximum, consisting of First Community employees.  Clarke and Company will randomly assign the team based off of those who register.
  9. Participants can only be on one team.
  10. Once the steps challenge begins, you cannot add or switch team members.
  11. The individuals from the top team will win a grand prize.  The individuals from the top 3 teams finishing after the winning team will also win prizes.
  12. A great goal to try and meet would be 10,000 steps per day.
  13. Listen to your body. If you feel weak, dizzy, short of breath, or have chest pain stop activity immediately. You should seek medical attention.
  14. Have fun!


6-week Challenge will begin on Monday July 7th.

**First log will be due by 5 pm on Tuesday, July 15th (the following Tuesday).

Challenge will end on Monday, August 18th.

**Last log will be due by 5 pm on Tuesday, August 19th.



Sign Up

Click the link below to sign yourself up for the Summer Steps Challenge.  Once registration is closed, a representative from Clarke and Company will assign teams.  Each team will then be responsible for coming up with a team name and designating a team captain, who will submit the weekly logs.  Also, below, is the link to the log for recording and keeping track of your team’s weekly steps.

Click here to sign up!

Click here to download the steps log!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jordan Archer at (803)-253-6997 or


Tracking Tips

You can use the following websites to track and manage your health.

My Fitness Pal (Apps, Sync with Fitbit, Health Information)

Start-American Heart Association (Distance Walking & Dietary)

Super Tracker (Activity, Nutrition, Weight, & Goals)

Fit Day (Activity, Nutrition, & Weight)

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