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Which Medical Plan is Right for You?

» First Community offers 2 health plans

» Standard Plan & High Plan

» Use the plan comparison tool to help determine which is right for you

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Benefit Guide

Check out First Community's most recent employee benefit guide. This guide has all the information that you need for the 2022 open enrollment season, including payroll deductions and plan summaries.

Benefit Library

Learn more about each medical, dental, vision, life, and disability plan your company offers employees. Resources include summaries of benefits and coverage, certificates of coverage, carrier resources and links, videos, and more.

Benefits 101

Not sure of the meaning of benefit terminology in your plan? Don't worry, we have you covered. Click to learn more about these important terms and how they effect your plan.

Benefit Podcasts

Listen to our podcasts on medical, dental, vision, life, and disability plans, as well as Employee Assistance Programs, to better understand how each type of coverage can best serve your needs.

Tax Savings

First Community offers an FSA and DCAP. Learn about these tax-advantaged options that allow you to spend on healthcare tax-free by utilizing pre-tax dollars.

Compliance Notices

Click here to view several legal notices that you need to be aware of when choosing your benefits.

Forms Library

Need a form? They're all here in one place. You can find forms from our insurance carriers and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Enrollment Message from Human Resources

We hope you enjoy using all the new materials that our team has provided for our staff for 2022 annual enrollment. Whether print, video, web, or social media, we have tried to bring a fresh new approach to the way we present and help all employees understand the benefit package that the firm offers to them. We hope our efforts will benefit you in making this a better enrollment experience when choosing your benefits.

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