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Clarke & Co wants to help you stay informed about risk factors, prevention, and treatment of dangerous health issues.
Check out our individual pages for different health topics to find out what you can do to better protect yourself and your family. Click on each topic name below for more information


This complex and challenging disease can affect anyone at anytime, find out what you can do to prevent it.


Many factors can lead to obesity, even uncontrollable ones like genetics and family life. Read to find out more about preventing obesity.

Lower Back Pain

Anyone can fall victim to lower back pain, but if left untreated, it could lead to serious damage. Read more to find out how to prevent this pain and treat it.

Heart Disease

Any small problems in your heart can get worse at any time, and threaten your life. Read how to help protect your heart.

Preventive Care

With current Health Care laws, everyone is given the resources to free testing and screenings, read more to find out what you're entitled to.


Early identification of symptoms and treatment can reduce damage to the brain and future complications, saving lives. Educate yourself here.


Healthy breathing  is vital to living a long life,  find out how to prevent COPD and any breathing constrictions. 

Mental Health

Mental Health is just as important to maintain as physical health. Read ways to make sure you're keeping your mind and body safe. 


Arthritis is joint inflammation that can affect anyone and impede you from completing everyday activities. Check out this page to see how you can prevent it.

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