Health Over Habits

Health Over Habits

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Do you find yourself consistently repeating bad eating habits? It’s difficult not to make these mistakes with our busy schedules and on-the-go tendencies. Listed below are the most common mistakes made that may be affecting your health and wellness. Try addressing these common mistakes now so you can be happy and healthy later!

  1. Mindless Eating – Portion out your meals on smaller dishes. Try not to eat straight out of the bag or container!
  2. Nighttime Eating – Try and combat this by adding a protein to your dinner to keep you fuller longer. Also, try drinking some decaffeinated tea!
  3. Skipping Breakfast – Buy healthy breakfast foods that you can eat on the run. Yogurt, fruits, protein bars, and nuts are great options!
  4. Eating Fast – Put your fork down between bites and drink water throughout your meal!
  5. Drinking Wine Nightly – Buy smaller glasses to limit the amount you are drinking!
  6. Limited Water Intake – Make sure you drink water every time you eat and work out!
  7. Calorie Overload on the Weekend – Indulge in one treat on the weekend instead of an entire meal!
  8. Multitasking – Eating while watching tv or on the computer will cause you to eat more. Try preparing a healthy snack before sitting down!

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