How Dehydration Could be Affecting Your Health

How Dehydration Could be Affecting Your Health

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Dehydration can have a lot more impact on your body than you may expect. It could even be a contributing factor to excessive weight and illness. Here are some of the health effects dehydration can have on your body.

  1. Fatigue- Water helps provide energy to the body so when it is lacking, enzymatic activity slows making you more tired and fatigued.
  2. Asthma/Allergies- Dehydration causes the body to constrict airways to conserve water. This heightens asthma and allergies in some people.
  3. High Blood Pressure- Without enough water the blood becomes thicker causing resistance to blood flow which causes an increase in blood pressure.
  4. Skin Disorders- Dehydration impairs the elimination of toxins making skin more vulnerable to diseases. It also can cause discoloration and premature wrinkling.
  5. High Cholesterol- More cholesterol is produced to prevent water loss in cells.
  6. Digestive Issues- Shortages of water can lead to several digestive problems such as acid reflux, ulcers and more.
  7. Bladder/ Kidney Problems-Accumulation of toxins allows for infection in these areas.
  8. Constipation- Without enough water, waste moves more slowly and sometimes not at all resulting in constipation.
  9. Joint Pain/Stiffness- All joints have cartilage padding which is composed primarily of water. Dehydration weakens the cartilage causing slow joint repair resulting in pain.
  10. Weight Gain- Water helps provide energy so when that energy is lacking many people tend to eat more when the body is actually thirsty.

Source: WebMD


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