HR Assistance – ThinkHR

HR Assistance – ThinkHR

by Posted on: February 7, 2017Categories: HR & Compliance    News & Events   

This week our compliance series is  highlighting HR & management assistance for those tough issues that you would like a second opinion on. Instead of googling, calling an attorney (costly), or calling another HR professional (time consuming), why not send the questions to our team? The certified HR experts answer questions, render advice and follow up and provided research to resolve issues. Accessible 9am-8 pm each day, our HR advisor support team are 28 professional HR professional backed by attorneys to help you with that tough issue in a timely manner.

Clarke & Company and ThinkHR provide ease and immediate access to expert HR Advisors who will deliver information and answers to minimize risk associated with legal and regulatory matters pertaining to HR compliance, employment law, and health care. You can access our advisors through the ThinkHR website, the ThinkHR mobile app, or by telephone at 877-225-1101. Over 6,000 HR questions per month are answered by the ThinkHR hotline.

Click here to see examples of questions asked by companies to our team of advisors!

Clients of Clarke & Company Benefits are provided this at no charge and have been provided a user name and password. If you are not a client and would like to request a free 30 day trial of ThinkHR, please click here and we will contact you about your trial.




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