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Welcome to the Clarke & Company Benefits information page for your  Health Savings Account (HSA). On this page, you will find an assessment, videos, and information to help you make an informed decision whether an HSA is a good option for you.


Test your knowledge take the Health Care Assessment and HSA Quiz:

The health care assessment will give you an idea of your general health insurance knowledge. The employee quiz will give you an idea about how much you know about Health Savings Accounts. The HSA employee resource tool is designed to increase your knowledge and comfort level with using High Deductible plans and HSAs.

Employee Health Care Assessment

HSA Employee Quiz

HSA Employee Resource Tool


Read more about how these plans work:

When you are on a Health Savings Account you want to save as much of your own money as possible. The information below tells you how to save money on health care costs on a day to day basis and also some things you can use your HSA for outside of your medical insurance expenses with tax-free dollars.

5 Ways to Cut Your Health Care Costs

HSA Employee Guide

Take Advantage of Your HSA

HSA Examples 


Learn about which expenses are and are not  covered under an HSA:

Learn about the expenses that you can use  your Health Savings dollars to pay for and also expenses which are not allowed. Remember Kion Group gives you $800 dollars per year to put into your HSA. We have also included an expense log to help you keep track of your health care and HSA spending.

HSA Eligible Expenses

HSA Ineligible Expenses

HSA Expense Log


Watch videos on how these plans work:

HSAs Explained- A general explanation of how HSA’s work for your and your family.


HSA Eligible Expenses- This video details some eligible expenses that you can use your HSA for during the year tax-free.


HSA Employee Eligibility-This video highlights key information regarding employee eligibility for contributing to a Health Savings Account.



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