Below is a dashboard for the claims analysis of the John Harris Low Plan.  The analysis is broken down by claimants.

Total Claimants
Deductible Claims
Coinsurance Claims
Deductible & Coinsurance Claims
Copay Only Claims
Medical Claims

Low Plan Cost Analysis

Copay Only

 [visualizer id="53016"]

Total Copay Physician Paid

$6,506 in copays

Total Copay Rx Paid

$6,851 in copays

Employees Paid

$13,357 in copays

Employee Spending by Cost

 [visualizer id="53030"]

Medical Claims

 [visualizer id="53044"]

Total Deductible Paid


Total Coinsurance Paid

$9,546 in claims

Employees Paid

$39,094 in


Medical Costs Deductible & Coinsurance

 [visualizer id="53034"]

Copay Costs by Physician & Rx

 [visualizer id="53040"]

Claim Size


Under $1000
Over $1000


Under $2000
Over $2000


Under $4000
Over $4000

Company Take Aways

The bar charts show some % take aways from the claims analysis. We also conducted a plan design analysis that shows savings on plan design. Call Clarke & Company Benefits to meet to review the savings analysis of how John Harris can save over 15k in this plan design. 

Medical Claims % of Total Employee Spend
Copay Only as % of Employee Spend
Medical Copay as % of Total Spend
Rx Copay as % of Total Spend
Deductible Spend as % of Total Employee Spend
Coinsurance cost as % of Employee Spend

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