Make the Most of Your Cardio Workout

Make the Most of Your Cardio Workout

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Cardio is a necessity when it comes to fitness routines because it helps make your heart healthier and stronger. Cardio workout plans can vary in duration and intensity based on the needs and goals of each individual.  Here are some tips to improve your cardio workout!

  1. Track Your Heart Rate– Think of a heart rate monitor like the speedometer on your car- you shouldn’t be working out (driving) without one. A monitor allows you to track the changes in your cardio and make a more structured workout. You will have an idea of how hard you should be working so you can determine if your routine should be harder or if you can cut your workout short.
  2. Focus on Heart Rate Recovery– You can gauge your fitness level by the amount of time it takes for your heart to slow down again after you have finished a workout. A heart that is healthy can slow down much quicker than one that is out of shape. Try tracking your heart rate after you finish your workout. Aim to reach a heart rate that slows down by 10 beats at the one minute mark and 20 beats at the two minute mark.
  3. Build Up Your Cardiac Strength– Building up strength through workouts is a great way to maintain your health. The best way to build cardiac strength is by using time intervals. You can do this by alternating between high intensity and low intensity while running or on a treadmill. A good conditioned cardiac system should be able to quickly adapt to any exercise intensity.
  4. Slow Down Sometimes– Low intensity cardiac training shouldn’t be a staple in your routine but it is a good idea to add it to your program every few days particularly after weight training. While high intensity cardio is great for building strength, a easy steady state workout routine is beneficial for fat loss and general conditioning.

Source: Muscle and Fitness


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