Medicare Part D Notices and Reporting

Medicare Part D Notices and Reporting

Who Must Comply?

  • Employers with group health plans that provide prescription drug coverage to individuals who are eligible for Medicare Part D
  • Sponsors must disclose to individuals whether or not their prescription drug coverage is creditable, meaning it is at least as good as the Medicare Part D coverage.
  • There are no specific penalties for employers that fail to comply with disclosure requirements.

What to Provide

  • Plan sponsors must provide creditable coverage disclosure notices to individuals each year before Oct. 15—the start date of the annual enrollment period for Medicare Part D.
  • The disclosure notice alerts individuals as to whether their plan’s prescription drug coverage is creditable.
  • Model notices are available for employers to use.

Disclosure to CMS

  • The disclosure to CMS is due within 60 days after the start of each plan year.
  • For calendar year plans, this deadline is March 1 of each year (Feb. 29 for leap years).
  • Plan sponsors are required to use CMS’ online disclosure form.

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