National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor Month

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Although advances in medicine have decreased demand of blood transfusions, donating blood is still very important. In fact someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds which is equivalent to 41,000 blood donations need everyday according to the American Red Cross. January is National Blood Donor Month to encourage donors to give blood. The winter months tend to have less blood donation due to travel, holidays and busy schedules but National Blood Donor Month is designed to offset this seasonal period when donations drop.

Don’t be scared or intimidated to donate if it is your first time. Donating blood is a simple process with four steps. First you register to donate blood by providing personal information. Second, a medical history analysis and mini-physical is given to determine if you qualify to donate. Next, you sit back relax and donate blood to save lives and lastly you are given refreshments! The whole process takes 10 to 12 minutes and is very safe. A sterile needle is used once per person and discarded into a medical waste bin.

If you are interested in donating, visit the Red Cross website to find a blood donation center in your area!

Source: ADRP


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