National Eye Exam Month: Eye Strain Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

National Eye Exam Month: Eye Strain Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

by Posted on: August 8, 2017Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

August is National Eye Exam Month, as well as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Among the many possible eye problems and diseases, one of the most common is eye strain. The increasing prevalence of eye strain is because, now more than ever, large amounts of time are spent looking at electronically-lit screens: phones, computers, tablets, TVs, etc. Some researchers claim that the “blue-light” emitted from electronics may be as harmful as UV rays when it comes to our eye health. Researchers have found that eye strain is exacerbated by variables such as artificial or insufficient lighting, prolonged watching of visual displays, poor diet, eye muscle inefficiency due to long hours of office work or academic studies, psycho-social and emotional tension, and aging.

What is eye strain?

Eye strain, or asthenopia, arises when the muscles and nerves within your eyes become overworked, stressed, and fatigued. Unlike many other eye disorders, it can develop in people with no medical or genetic history of eye problems, and can occur at a young age.

Symptoms of eye strain:

  • a burning sensation in the eyes
  • redness in the eyes and signs of irritation or inflammation
  • headaches located behind the eyes, between the eyes, or on the sides of eyes.
  • decreased visual acuity, or blurred vision
  • difficulty concentrating due to tension, or experiencing brain fog
  • Pain in and around the eyes that gets worse as the day goes on, but disappears with rest

How can you find relief from eye strain?

  • Conventional Treatments
    • Visiting an eye doctor regarding eye strain will enable he/she to asses the underlying vision issues that may be exacerbating your eye strain, such as refracted error or untreated nearsightedness. Correcting vision with glasses or contact lenses will reduce squinting, and artificial tears may be used to decrease dryness and redness.
  • Natural Treatments
    • While vision impairments may be the cause of some individuals’ eye strain, the most common cause is Computer Vision Syndrome, the effect on your eyes from staring at a computer all day. To reduce the negative consequences of Computer Vision Syndrome, and thus eliminate your eye strain symptoms, try these 7 natural treatments for eye strain.
      • Take breaks from electronic devices
      • Do soothing eye exercises
      • Protect your eyes from the sun
      • Increase the amount of light in the room when reading
      • Try listening instead of reading
      • Get enough sleep and rest
      • Keep your eyes healthy through annual exams, adequate physical activity, and eating a diet that reduces inflammation



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