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Info on Open Enrollment

Watch the video below for more info on your 2019 health benefits and the open enrollment process.

Nelson Mullins Benefit Information

Want  to learn more about the Nelson Mullins 2019 benefit plans offered. There is specific information on what your plans cover as well as helpful links to provider websites.

Learn More About Benefits

If you're like most, you may need some more information on how benefits work. Click on the button below to visit our page and better understand your benefit plans.

Tax Savings

Learn more about the accounts that Nelson Mullins offer our employees that can help them save on their income taxes. These accounts include a Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, and Dependent Care Account.


Want to learn more about a certain benefit plan and don't have a lot of time. Listen to one of our podcasts on the particular benefit you want more information on.

Benefit Guide

Click below to view the 2019 enrollment guide that summarizes your benefit plans for the upcoming year. The guide has information including new payroll deductions and a summary of what's covered.

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