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Clarke & Company Benefits communicates benefits over several platforms. We communicate to management and HR through the following outlets in hrFuel.

hrFuel Communication

Clarke & Company Online-This is our password protected website dedicated to providing information to employees that help run a companies benefit plans. This website contains material related to benefits legislation, Health Care Reform, educational employee pieces, and much more.

inFormed Webinars-We sponsor two webinars per month on topics related to employee benefits. This includes Health Care Reform, corporate wellness, HR issues, legislative information, and many more topics presented by experts to bring companies the latest information to assist in educating your staff.

inFormed Seminars– We host seminars in our office, as well as off site, on issues such as ERISA, COBRA, FMLA, and other regulatory issues that companies face in running their business. These are presented by lawyers, administrators, and other experts in their field.

Emails-Clarke & Company publishes an email semi-monthly on Health Care Reform. “HCR Weekly Update” addresses new guidelines and regulations in this evolving law. This is published on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Guides-We publish in print and electronically a quarterly Health Care Reform Guide. The Guide gives employers legislative briefs that deal with implementation and evolution of this complex law. We also publish regulatory guides on HR topics such as ERISA and other regulatory laws that employers must deal with on a day to day basis.

Blogs-We blog weekly on topics that are relevant to our clients in two areas. One blog is focused on the management and HR side of business and the other blog is focused on workplace wellness.

Social Media-Because different segments of the population consume information differently, we are spreading our message through social media. We have a Facebook page for the management and HR side of business and also a page for the workplace wellness in the business. We also Twitter any important updates that come out during the week.

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