Start 2017 Compliant – Take the Compliance Audit!

Start 2017 Compliant – Take the Compliance Audit!

by Posted on: February 2, 2017Categories: HR & Compliance    News & Events   

Clarke & Company Benefits is kicking off 2017 with a human resource email series. We will send an email out every Tuesday over the next 4 weeks focusing on different areas of HR and how to utilize some of the tools we provide to our clients to help you streamline HR duties and maintain compliance.

This week we are focused on general compliance and identifying your compliance risks via our HR Audit Checklist from our partner ThinkHR.  Today, staying compliant with all of the government regulation is difficult to maintain, so let Clarke & Company Benefits help!


Every business faces challenges in complying with various rules, laws, and regulations, in addition to general business and personnel challenges. The purpose of this questionnaire is to highlight the key areas of human resources activities that could pose risks to the business if not done or if improperly managed. Your responses will provide you with more information about what, why, and how a topic is important in your risk mitigation program.

The audit will cover the following topics that are important to your business:

  • General Company Questions,
  • Hiring, Staffing, and On-boarding,
  • Employee Relations and General Employment Polices,
  • Total Compensation (Wages and Benefits) and Hours Requirement,
  • Record-keeping and Compliance Requirements,
  • Health and Safety.

Upon completion of the audit, you will receive a detailed report on each question. If any action is required, Clarke & Company Benefits will work with you on how to proceed on the issue, as the audit will give direction on proper compliance. This is a good way to start the year and mitigate your business’ risk by taking the audit and seeing if you need to update any of your policies or procedures. 


  • Log into ThinkHR with your provided username & password.
  • Click on the comply button once logged in.
  • Search “HR Audit Checklist” in the search toolbar & it will be the first link.

*All clients should have received an email with ThinkHR login information. If you need assistance getting back in, please contact your Clarke & Company representative. *If you are not a client and would like to take the HR Audit, click here to contact us to get set up for your free trial! 


If you have any questions on the audit or ThinkHR contact your Clarke & Company representative. Get your year started off right and let Clarke & Company help while saving you time and money.


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