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United Health Care Insurance Information

Here we have more information from United Health Care to help you understand your plan. Important information on prescription drugs, Quick Care, cost comparison, Rally wellness, and Care24 Nurseline.

Health Insurance Information

Compare costs of providers and services in your network, including doctors, behavioral health resources, hospitals, office visits, labs, convenience and urgent care clinics, and more.

The UnitedHealth Premium program evaluates physicians in several specialties using evidence-based medicine and national standardized measures to help you locate quality and cost-efficient providers.

Quick Care provides information on how to check your options for care and choose a provider, helping to save time, money, and frustration. 

Watch videos explaining both United information and plan-specific information for your health insurance plans.

When it comes to managing your health plan and making informed decisions about your care, simpler is always better.

With a Virtual Visit, you can see and talk to a doctor via mobile device or computer - 24/7, no appointment needed. And with a UnitedHealthcare plan, your cost is $50 or less.

A simple, convenient connection to the information you need, this app is an on-the-go version of myuhc.com — your source for important health plan information.

Get access to care 24/7 with Virtual Visits. A Virtual Visit lets you see a doctor from your mobile device or computer without an appointment. Choose from an AmWell or Doctor on Demand network provider and pay $50 or less for the visit.

With Care24®, you have access to health and well-being information and support 24/7 just by calling the toll-free phone number on your health plan ID card. Care24 connects you with registered nurses or counselors who can help you with health concerns and more.

Prescription Drug Information

United's online services and app allow you to refill and track prescriptions, compare medication prices, and locate pharmacies.

Home delivery of prescription drugs allows you to order a 3-month supply with no shipping costs or hassle. Pharmacists are available by phone any time of day or night.

Get answers to your questions about prescription drug lists, tiers, prior authorization, quantity limits, step therapy, home delivery, and more.

Support Services

United's Quit For Life program has helped millions of smokers enjoy life without a cigarette.

If you’re thinking about having a baby or have one on the way, the Maternity Support Program is here to provide information and support — throughout your pregnancy and after giving birth.

United offers Real Appeal, a free digital program that provides you with up to a full year of support for lasting weight loss.

Rally Wellness

Rally is designed to help you make changes to your daily routine, set smart goals and track your progress.

 Sync your tracking device, join a Challenge, and earn virtual coins that you can exchange for rewards for taking healthy steps every day.

Designed to help you improve your health, this interactive experience recommends simple actions you can take every day.

Your Rally Age is a simple measure to help you assess your overall health. Start with a quick health survey to discover your Rally Age. From there, you’ll get personalized recommendations for your health.

Get answers to your questions about connecting wearable fitness devices, checking in, tracking your progress, completing missions, and earning coins and rewards.

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