US Patriot Onboarding Process


US Patriot Onboarding

Welcome to Clarke and Company Benefits! We have outlined our onboarding process below, and you will be able to follow this process throughout the next month. We look forward to working with your company and your employees for many years to come. 


During Week 1, we will focus on gathering the following information:


During Week 2, we will provide information on ThinkHR's Learn, Live, Insight, and Comply features.


Clarke and Company has many tools for employers and their employees. During this live webinar, we will go over your client-specific tools and how to best utilize them.


During Week 4, we will schedule an appointment to visit you on site to introduce you to your new account manager. Your Clarke and Company account manager will be your day-to-day contact for any issues you may encounter with your benefit plans. 

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