Virtual Enrollment Toolkit 2022

Virtual Open Enrollment Toolkit

Stressed about open enrollment? Clarke & Company has you covered!

 We have created a personalized open enrollment experience with custom OE email campaigns, posters, educational videos, websites for employees, postcard announcements, and more. As a client of Clarke and Company, we have prepared these resources for you. This is our way of making your life a little easier in a difficult environment.

Below we have highlighted our extensive resources, as well as best practices on conducting a successful virtual open enrollment process. The only thing left to do is to sign up!

What's in the C&C Open Enrollment Toolkit?


Employee Communications


Make sure your employees are informed on the new Open Enrollment process, changes to their coverage, and other important aspects of their benefits. We offer email campaigns and digital postcards. Click below for the pre-Open Enrollment communication campaign in our Toolkit!


Your Company's Open Enrollment Webpage

Now that you've let your employees know about open enrollment, it's time to provide the information and resources they need to choose their benefits. We offer a custom company-branded landing page for your employees with access to their online benefit guide, a custom open enrollment video outlining plan changes, and other resources to guide employees through this process.

Even More Tools To Communicate

What else is needed to bring your company's open enrollment process to life?  How about educational videos, posters, and terminology cheat sheets, all designed to help your employees navigate this process and make you look great in the eyes of your employees and company! That's an open enrollment win!

Custom OE Video

We prepared a custom OE video for your company. Click here to view.


We offer multiple poster templates with your logo that can be emailed or posted. Click here for examples.

Educational Videos

Employees need to know what they need, key benefits terminology, and more ont their plans. Click here to view.

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