Why Collagen?

Why Collagen?

by Posted on: January 26, 2017Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

Collagen protein has recently swept the health and fitness world. This product has been featured on Dr. Oz and is also promoted by Dr. Axe. These doctors specialize in promoting healthy living. Collagen provides several benefits and is recommended as an additive in smoothies. Listed below are reasons why you should add this your diet!

  1. Improves skin and hair: Ever feel like your hair is brittle and your skin is dull and dry? Collagen protein will help!
  2. Repairs joints: Collagen protein is great after a workout. This will ensure joint health and will prevent injuries.
  3. Helps leaky gut: Keep that digestive system in tact!
  4. Boosts metabolism: This will help you burn energy quicker and keep your digestive system regular!
  5. Strengthens teeth and nails: No more broken nails! Collagen protein has been proven to help brighten your smile as well!
  6. Helps detoxification process: We all need a good detox after these winter months!
  7. Reduces cellulite or stretch marks: Suffering from cellulite? Collagen may be your answer!

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