About Us

Client Success...Our Mission, Our Passion

Providing South Carolina Employee Benefits and Workplace Solutions

For over 25 years, Clarke & Company has been helping clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of South Carolina employee benefits. While our main trade is employee benefits, our constant focus is trying to solve human problems while streamlining processes most efficiently. We achieve this through our talented people and our technological platforms.

The foundation of our company was built on a simple mission:

To empower our clients to go above the rest so they can achieve success within their business.

We exist to help our clients meet strategic goals in managing their benefit programs as they relate to the human capital of their business. We do this by investing in each of our client's businesses, and we are passionate about developing a mutual trust and confidence with our clients.

We strive to earn our clients' trust and confidence by working hard to deliver on the solutions we provide. Our growth, success, and reputation have been earned by upholding everything we do to the highest ethical standard by the way we conduct ourselves and our business. Our clients' business success is paramount to our continued growth, as we are committed to client success in their business. By adhering to the highest ethical standards in our business, our clients can rest assured that this is not only good for our business but also good for their business.

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