10 Ways To Make A Workout Fly By

10 Ways To Make A Workout Fly By

by Posted on: April 17, 2013Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

1. Grab A Buddy
Life is full of great solo activities, but exercise isn’t always one of them. Working out with a buddy isn’t just a fun way to squeeze in some face time; it provides extra accountability along an added push to go that extra mile. Friends all booked up? Check out local running clubs, grassroots fitness groups (like the November Project) and local meetups.

2. Join A Class
Group fitness has come a long way since we were Sweatin’ to the Oldies. There really is something for everyone, from surfing indoors to aerial arts. And as always, working alongside others helps make even tough workouts seem to go by more quickly.

3. Plan It Out

There is no magic time frame required for a good workout (it’s about exercise quality, not quantity!). Waiting for the clock to tell you when a workout is done can make time seemingly stand still. Instead, plan an exercise routinebefore hitting the gym. Now the focus is set on the workout and not the clock.

4. Crank The Tunes
Save the silence for meditation class. Workouts are meant to be energetic!Create a perfect playlist (or let an app do it for you) and then pump the tunes to get better results and have more fun doing it.

5. Play Along
What if exercise was actually a game that awarded points and access to new levels for hard work? Enter: Exergaming, dynamic video games that require players to move their bodies as part of the game-play. Plugged-in forms of exercise can seem more enticing to some than traditional workouts, and can burn considerable calories per sweat session.

6. Get Social
Exercise flies by when it doesn’t feel like exercise. There are lots of creative group activities that are fun, social and promote fitness. Haven’t seen anything like that in your neighborhood? Try starting up a group that combines builds social time aroundyoga in the park, hiking a nearby trail or anything else physically active and fun.

7. Shorten It Up
Want to really make a workout go by quickly? Cut it in half! Short and intense workouts can be super-effective for building strength and endurance. Thirty minutes of purposeful exercise (that’s right — less chit chat!) will still produce great results without all the lag time.

8. Lose The Dread
While it’s beneficial to stack the most challenging moves toward the beginning of your workout, don’t feel pressure to kick things off with your most dreaded exercise. Similarly, saving the toughest exercise for very last isn’t exactly motivation to make it to the end. Sandwich the really tough exercises with something more enjoyable and the whole workout will seem much more pleasant.

9. Track Your Progress
Nothing makes exercise fly by faster than seeing exciting results! Measuring exercise progress and tracking it in a journal makes gains more tangible and provides a great way to stay motivated. Workout journaling usually includes a checklist of exercises, which can make a workout seem much less daunting than one that doesn’t have an apparent end in sight.

10. Get Competitive
Nobody likes to be the loser. Whether it’s competing against personal goals or with a workout partner, creating an opportunity to win can help make a workout more enjoyable and more effective Plus, setting a personal best (or “PB”) is a great motivator to keep coming back for more!


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