5 Quick Tips for Beginner Runners

5 Quick Tips for Beginner Runners

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How to Fix 3 Beginner Running Mistakes







1.Invest in Proper Running Shoes

Get professionally fitted for shoes that will allow you to run your best while preventing common injuries

2. Cross-Train

Keep your body in balance by taking a break from pounding of running and build strength and endurance. Try hiking or yoga!

3. Go For Distance Instead of Time

Be patient and don’t worry about your pace. Work to build mileage gradually over time. Remember; don’t worry about being fast or slow, forward is a pace too.

4. Recovery is important

A foam roller will become your best friend when you are feeling sore. If you are experiencing pain, sudden weight loss or dehydration you may be overworking your body. Take some time to recover.

5. Make Running a Habit

Do this by setting small achievable goals for each day, week and month. Then, keep a training log to track your progress and determine if you have reached your goals. You can do this!

Source: RunnersWorld


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