After The Expo

After The Expo

by Posted on: March 27, 2012Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

You know how you feel at night on Christmas, kind of tired, and all the buildup leading up to Christmas is over. All the  presents have been unwrapped and put aside. That is kind of the feeling we all had after the Expo. We have been planning and working towards the Health & Wellness Expo since mid-December and it has come and gone. We have met and analyzed survey data, feedback from clients and non-clients, and vendors. I can truly say that this event was  a success….at least to us. Were there some things I would change? Absolutely, and we are already working on that for next year along with a few ideas that we had and survey participants offered up. But overall, the speakers were excellent, we had a great group of vendors, and attendance at both Expo’s equaled or bettered our expectations. We had a lot of clients there participating, which was good, and we met a lot of new employers that were not very familiar with us, and that also is good. We will be back next year with a bigger and better Health & Wellness Expo with a few new wrinkles and another short film of our office.

Speaking of short films, view the Expo film, “Clarke & Company Office- The Intern” below.


Want to really have some fun? Watch the bloopers below!


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