Allergy Proof Your Home

Allergy Proof Your Home

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Many people don’t realize many of their allergies are being caused from irritants within their own home. To find out if you are allergic to something in your house, visit an allergist and get allergy tested. The most common irritants include dust mites, mold, pollen and pet dander. Once you have identified what is causing your allergy symptoms, you can do several things to allergy proof your home and work to eliminate those agents.

Start in the bedroom because you spend a good amount of your day in here. If you are allergic to dust mites, try covering your mattress and pillows with dust mite covers. By doing so you will sleep better and start off your day feeling more rested. Next, replace carpet with hardwood or impervious flooring. Carpet allows allergens to accumulate and when you walk across the room, everything is released back into the air. Similarly, curtains accumulate dust and small particles too. Instead, try installing blinds or shades which trap fewer allergens. If you prefer curtains, get the machine washable kind and vacuum once a week. Make sure you are using a vacuum with a HEPA filter which is made to trap small particles and most allergens. Next, place doormats at each entryway to keep irritants from finding their way inside and frequently clean or replace your air filters to help catch the particles that do sneak their way in.

Mold is commonly a cause of household allergies and it typically accumulates in the bathroom or in small hidden places such as under the sink. Minimize mold by drying surfaces with standing water, re-caulk sinks and tubs, fix leaks, seal holes and keep these areas clean and tidy. High humidity leads to mold growth and other problems so if you are concerned about mold buildup invest in a hygrometer. This device reads the moisture levels in your home. Test each room in your house and if any are above 60% consider purchasing a dehumidifier. By taking these steps, your home will be more allergy proof and you’ll be feeling much better in no time!

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