Beating Your Spring Allergies

Beating Your Spring Allergies

by Posted on: March 9, 2016Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

The start of March means that spring is nearly here! Here are just a few ways you can fully enjoy the spring weather without dealing with those pesky allergies.

  1. Staying inside is beneficial on windy days and during the early morning hours, when pollen counts are highest. However, with the weather warming up it is nice to enjoy the outdoors. When outside, be sure to wear sunglasses to shield the pollen from your eyes. Once back inside, take a shower and change your clothing to prevent the pollen from coming back into the house with you.
  2. Antihistamines block your body’s response to allergies. These over-the-counter medications work in less than an hour. If allergies are more severe and  tougher to treat, try using nasal spray.  If symptoms are still not treated allergy shots may be necessary.
  3. Eucalyptus oil is a homeopathic treatment for allergies. This oil is also known to reduce inflammation. If you are looking for a more holistic option this may be for you!

“A number of foods can help ease allergy symptoms without the side effects of drugs,” said Beth Reardon (Registered Dietitian and Director of Integrative Nutrition at Duke University)

  1. Fish, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, is another natural anti-inflammatory that can clear your nasal passages and relieve symptoms. Fish is recommended 2 to 3 times a week, however fish oil may be taken instead.
  2. Apples, which contain the flavonoid, Quercetin, inhibit the body’s release of histamines, which cause your allergy symptoms.
  3. Yogurt, which contains probiotics, is not only good for intestinal health, but also is known to prevent allergy symptoms before they even begin!
  4. Spicy foods are known to clear your nose and throat and thin mucous secretions to eliminate sinus pressure and drainage.
  5. Apple cider vinegar, which is full of potassium, will also help eliminate drainage while increasing airflow. Two tablespoons diluted in water is recommended every morning.

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