Essential Oils for the Common Cold

Essential Oils for the Common Cold

by Posted on: January 18, 2017Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

Looking for more natural remedies to cure the common cold? With colds being so prominent around this time of year, it is hard to stay away from loading up on over-the-counter medications. However, essential oils have not only been shown to lighten symptoms of the common cold, but also have several additional benefits. Listed below are a few of the essential oils that will help you get through these winter months and overcome those pesky colds and allergies!

Cedarwood: Breaks up chest congestion

Peppermint: Treats dry coughs

Rosemary: Relieves sinus infections

Thyme: Decongests and fights infections

Lemon: Treats throat infection

Pine: Loosens mucous

Melaleuca: Aids in killing the virus

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