Exercise is Beneficial for Arthritis

Exercise is Beneficial for Arthritis

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Stiff and painful joints may make the thought of exercise seem overwhelming. In fact, 37% of people with Arthritis don’t get any exercise at all. However, exercise is very beneficial for arthritis patients. Many people think it will aggravate their existing pain; however that is not the case. Even just moderate exercise will help ease pain. This is because the muscles and surrounding tissue provide support for your bones. When there is a lack of exercise, these tissues and muscles weaken and create more stress on your joints. Exercise, however, has many benefits including:

Strengthening of muscles around your joints

Helps maintain and improve bone strength

Helps improve overall strength and energy

Helps to achieve good sleep

Weight management

Improves mood, confidence and well-being

Consult your doctor prior to beginning an exercise routine. In most cases, range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, aerobic exercise and gentle exercise such as yoga is recommended. Help ease pain due to Arthritis by beginning an exercise regimen today.

Source: Mayo Clinic


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