Five Skills of Fitness

Five Skills of Fitness

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1. Knowledge

This is the evidence based understanding behind training and nutrition. Proper knowledge allows for a better understanding of how to execute a plan. You can improve knowledge in several ways such as reading scientific research articles or learning first hand from an expert. However, be aware that knowledge has often been known for misleading people so it is important to make sure the information is factual.


2. Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Mindfulness is the examination of your own feeling, surrounding and being self aware. Why is this important? Being aware of mistakes you have made in your past can actually help you learn for the next time.


3. Self- Compassion

If you mess up your diet don’t feel guilty or self-loathing. Show yourself self-compassion by forgiving yourself for your mistakes and try again. Cut yourself some slack and use your mindfulness to figure out what went wrong.


4. Humility

Suppress your ego and be open towards the possibility that you could be wrong. Take someone else’s advice and learn from it.


5. Discipline and Habit Building

Willpower and self-control are resources you need when you try to improve your fitness. If you can be discipline with yourself and repeat healthy actions or behaviors, the decision to perform that task comes more easily. Overtime a habit forms, but discipline must come first.

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