Kickstart Your Brain on a Lazy Day

Kickstart Your Brain on a Lazy Day

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We all have those days at work when our brains are moving slower than usual and need a little extra boost to start pumping again. If you find yourself up against a lazy day, your mind is stuck in a rut, or just need to get your brain working, give one of these tricks a try! Below are just a few ideas for foods, drinks, games, exercise, and other strategies to help with the boost. You are sure to find something that works for you!

  • Chai tea, which is infused with spices, will awaken your senses and your brain.
  • Water keeps you hydrated which benefits your brain and body by keeping you detoxified.
  • Ginkgo biloba tea helps promote blood flow, memory and mental alertness.
  • Fish Oil can be obtained through eating fish or taking a good-quality supplement. It increases overall health and boosts brain power.
  • Blueberries greatly help improve brain function- a great idea for a work snack!
  • Cocoa in foods, such as chocolate, actually benefits your memory and learning. Plus, your endorphins will be raised by eating chocolate which will provide an immediate boost.
  • Doodle on a sheet of scrap paper near your desk. NPR has reported this ca kick-start your brain when it’s bored.
  • Switch hands to perform basic tasks and let your less dominant hand try to do the work. This stimulates your brain.
  • Music also stimulates your brain. Try turning some tunes on in your office or bringing a pair of headphones with you to work.
  • Video games have been proven to get your brain working and can even help fight Alzhimer’s Disease. Try playing games like Simon Says, The Blue Button Game, Escapa or Tetris online.
  • Brain games, to no surprise, help boost your brain. They are specifically designed to help get moving on a lazy day. Just look up fun brain games online!
  • Other games such as FreeRice, Crosswords, Scrabble and Logic Puzzles or even trivia can help as well.
  • Take a walk when your brain is struggling. This will stimulate blood flow, which will perk up your brain.
  • Take the stairs on the way to your office so your blood will be flowing before you even sit down at your desk.
  • Quiet activities help get your brain going just as much as others. Try reading, doing relaxation exercises or surfing the internet for a few minutes!

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