Do You Know the Signs of Opioid Addiction?

Do You Know the Signs of Opioid Addiction?

by Posted on: October 6, 2017Categories: LiveWell 24/7   

Opioid addiction is a growing epidemic in the United States, with overdoses killing 91 Americans every day. Opioids are a highly addictive class of drugs that act on the nervous system to relieve pain. Common opioids include heroin, synthetic drugs like fentanyl, and prescription painkillers like oxycodone (OxyCotin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), and morphine.

Being familiar with common signs of opioid addiction can help you or someone you know get proper treatment before it is too late. Signs of addiction include:
  1. Noticeable euphoria
  2. Drowsiness, confusion or intermittent nodding off
  3. Constricted pupils
  4. Slowed breathing

Did you know?

  • Every day, over 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments for misusing prescription opioids.
  • 25% of people who receive opioid prescriptions for long-term, non-cancer pain struggle with addiction.
  • Nearly half of all opioid overdoses involve a prescription opioid.
  • Deaths from prescription opioids are more than four times higher than the 1999 rate.

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