March Health Care Reform Update

March Health Care Reform Update

by Posted on: March 27, 2013Categories: HR & Compliance   
  • (March 26, 2013)

We are  six months away from enrollment on the marketplaces (exchanges) that will be opening up to individuals on Oct. 1. Clarke & Company is bringing information and guidance that was issued in March that have implications for plan sponsors. We have included two links below for the most important March information as it relates to our clients and market. First, on March 7th, the DOL released a self-compliance tool and we have provided a link to the tool below. On March 17th, proposed regulations were released on the 90 day waiting period limitation. While these proposed regulations are not final, plan sponsors can rely on the guidance through 2014 and any updates to this guidance will be effective  January 1, 2015. Clarke & Company Benefits has added several webinars and seminars that are open to clients and non-clients over the next few weeks. See below for information on these events.

Click here to view the DOL Self-Compliance Tool

Click here to view the Legislative Brief on the 90 day waiting period limitation




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