Summer Health Concerns

Summer Health Concerns

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When the weather starts heating up during summer many health concerns start to increase as well. People like to get outdoors in the summer and participate in many types of activity, however there are some things to be aware of as you enjoy your summer. These are some of the most common health concerns seen during these months.

1. Be Aware of Stings- There is an abundance of bee stings, other stinging insects and mosquito bites during summer. While most people experience a stinging sensations, a bump on the surface of skin or an itch, some people are allergic to these types of stings. You many not even know if you are allergic of you have never been stung. To avoid getting stung, avoid wearing perfumes, especially ones that smell like flowers. For clothing, avoid dark colors and florals. These are all things bees and other stinging insects are attracted to.

2. Fireworks- This is a major culprit of injury during the summer. Although Independence Day has passed, it is still a good idea to take precautions into mind. The safest way to view fireworks is by going to a public display of them. This way you are only viewing them and not setting them off. However, if you decide to do you own fireworks, it is a very smart idea to keep a fire extinguish nearby and keep children far away from them.

3. Avoid Sunburns- Even though awareness of melanoma has increased in the past few years, people are experiencing more sunburns per year now than they did years ago. In fact, just having 5 sunburns during your lifetime increases your risk of melanoma doubles. It is important to protect yourself by wearing sunscreen and clothing that protects against UVB or UVA rays.

4. Dehydration- Dehydration can occur at any point during the year but it increases during the summer months because more people are outside being active ad the temperature is much higher. Common symptoms of dehydration include feeling lightheaded, dizzy and if your tongue feels like cotton. An even more severe form of dehydration is heat stroke. To avoid this, drink more water and take time to spend in the shade. It’s also smart to play your activities for a time of day when the temperature isn’t as high.

5. Accidents- Many accidents happen year round but two that stand out during the summer months include boating accidents and mower injuries. Boating accidents are often a result of drinking combined with drinking. Make sure you are my combining the two and your chances of getting in an accident will decrease. You should also have life jackets on everyone, especially kids, when the boat is in motion and it is necessary to know basic life saving skills. To avoid mower injuries, make sure to wear close toed shoes when mowing the lawn. Also make sure all debris is clear so that rocks and other items do not get thrown from the mower.


Source: WebMD


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