The Scoop on Sleep

The Scoop on Sleep

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Everyone needs sleep every night because it keeps our mind and body healthy. The quantity and the quality of sleep are both very important because how well rested we feel the next day and our functioning depends on it. Sleep is important for us in several different ways. First, getting enough sleep can help keep us from getting sick from short term illnesses. However, it can also help decrease the risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Sleeping well increases the likelihood of healthy weight management and it boosts our mood and brain activity. This allows us to think more clearly, make better decisions, and avoid injuries. These are the recommended hours of sleep per night for each age group:

Adults             7-8 hours

Teens              at least 9 hours

School-aged    at least 10 hours

Preschoolers   11-12 hours

Newborns        16-18 hours

When you sleep is also important because our bodies follow a “biological clock” which follows a natural cycle of being awake and asleep. Typically people tend to feel tired between midnight and seven o’clock in the morning. Many people also begin to feel tired around 1pm-4pm too though. Our biological clock also helps keep us alert and allows us to function better in our daily lives. If you are having trouble sleeping, try to change your routine. Trouble sleeping can be caused by stress, pain, some medicines, caffeine and sleep disorders. To address these issues try to go to sleep on a regular schedule, avoid caffeine in the afternoon or take a hot bath to relax right before bedtime. Sleep is very important for our everyday lives so make sure you are getting the recommended hours and best quality sleep possible for the best daily outcomes.

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