Tips for Healthy Joints

Tips for Healthy Joints

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A joint is the connection between two bones. They are found all throughout your body and allow movements such as bending at the knee and elbow, bending your back, moving your hips and more. It is important to take care of your joints by guarding them from injury. Keep your joints t healthy by following these simple tips:

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight– Keeping your weight in a healthy range is best for your joints. Gaining excess weight will cause more wear and tear on your joints. In fact, gaining one pound puts approximately four times more stress on your knees. By losing weight you reduce pressure from your joints.
  • Exercise Regularly– Not only does exercise help lose pounds to maintain a healthy weight, it also will reduce your risk for joint pain. Sitting still with less movement causes more stiffness in your joints. Counter this by doing aerobic exercises that will reduce joint swelling. If these exercises both you, try a low-impact aerobic exercise such as swimming or biking.
  • Build up Muscle– Building strong muscles will help support joints. Weight training exercises can help do this but make sure to have a certified personal trainer develop a routine appropriate for you.
  • Strengthen Your Core– Surprisingly having a strong core will help keep your balance which prevents falls that could damage your joints. Focus on building up your chest, back and abdomen.
  • Don’t Push the Limit– Not all activities and exercises may be appropriate for you to perform and could actually hurt you more if the movement is too much for your joints to handle. Modify exercises that cause pain and learn the difference between threatening pain and muscle building pain.
  • Eat Well– Eating a well balanced diet will help build stronger bones and muscles that in turn will support your joints. Try adding calcium, protein and vitamin D to your diet.

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