What is Your Real Age?

What is Your Real Age?

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Realage® Test is a questionnaire that asks roughly 130 questions about your family history and lifestyle to determine your true biological age compared to your chronological age. The test adjusts your actual age according to your answers to the questions and it is simple, yet thorough, and easy to complete. When you have completed the test, it will tell you your biological age and present a personalized growth plan which points out benefits and dangers of various health behaviors. The test was developed by researchers using longevity science statistics  to determine the average impact of lifestyle behaviors. For example, if you smoke then your age will increase by 8 years and if you use aspirin daily your age will decrease by about 2 years. Therefore the age won’t be exact, but it gives an idea of your biological age and perspective on how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Over 29 million people have taken this test and found out their age. Ready to give it a try? Visit: www.realage.com


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