When Thunder Roars…Go Indoors

When Thunder Roars…Go Indoors

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While thunderstorms are common weather conditions, they are still very dangerous. Every thunderstorm produces lightning which remains as one of the top three storm-related killers. While lightning fatalities have decreased significantly in the last 30 years, lightning still kills an average of 51 people in the US every year and injures many more. While your home is good shelter during a storm, you can still be at risk. In fact, a third of lightning strikes occur indoors. Here are some indoor and outdoor safety tips to avoid being struck during a thunderstorm.


  • Check the weather before an outdoor activity. If thunderstorms are called for, postpone your activity and stay indoors.
  • Go indoors to a safe place such as your home, office, a shopping center or a hard top vehicle. Remember “When thunder roars…go indoors.”
  • If you are caught outside in an open area, crouch down in a ball-like position with your feet and knees together. Do not lie down because currents can travel up to 100 feet away. Crouching keeps you low to the ground while touching it as little as possible.
  • Avoid tall structures and structures made of concrete. Lightning can travel through the metal bars that support concrete structures.


  • Avoid running water such as the shower and the dishwasher because lightning can travel through plumbing.
  • Do not use your electronics or anything that is connected to an electrical outlet because lightning travels through electrical systems.
  • Avoid windows, doors, porches and concrete in your house and find a safe room to stay in until the storm has passed.


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