Why are Colds More Common in the Winter?

Why are Colds More Common in the Winter?

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Although never confirmed, its always been said colds occur more in the winter time, but why? Recent studies show our body’s immune system doesn’t work as well at lower temperatures. The results of these studies suggest as internal body temperatures fall after exposure to cold air, the body’s defense system weakens making a person less likely to beat rhinovirus (the viral agent that causes the common cold). It has been know rhinovirus replicated better at lower temperatures around 33 degrees Celsius whereas our normal body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius. The virus favors colder conditions because cold outside temperatures weaken our system. Therefore, when it’s warm out, such as during the summer time, our immune system has a stronger response to viral agents compared to its response during the frigid winter months.

Source: WebMD


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